April President’s Report

Higher Education Publications, Inc. – April President’s Report Highlights include:    Baylor Appoints its First Female President: Baylor University has appointed Dr. Linda A. Livingstone, dean at George Washington School of Business, as its 15th president.  Livingstone will replace interim President David Garland on June 1st. University of Arizona Approves New President: Dr. Robert Robbins has been […]

Schools Taking New Approach to Course Placement

A new movement across college campuses is emerging to rethink – and revise – the single test, single cut score approach that places new college students into remedial or credit-level courses.  Several state systems and institutions are beginning to use additional indicators to gauge a student’s college readiness. Studies show that taking into account multiple […]

College Phishing

Don’t Take the Bait: Phishing Scams on College Campuses

New phishing scams are targeting colleges and students nationwide.  Reports from Amherst College, Louisiana State University, Dartmouth, and more say students have reported multiple types of online phishing schemes in recent weeks. Phishing scams are usually performed online, through email.  One scam features emails that contain fake job opportunities and request student’s personal information.  The […]

Student Loan Defaults Grow in 2016

New data released by the U.S. Department of Education indicates that millions of Americans are currently defaulting on Federal Direct Loans.  These loans are serviced through companies, hired by the federal government, to help students in debt.  In 2016 alone, 1 million Federal Direct Loan borrowers defaulted.  The end of 2016 resulted in 4.2 million […]

Students Uncertain About Predictive Technology

As colleges continue to use big data more frequently, the long-term effects are yet to be fully understood. Major institutions and software companies see high tech programs as a means to an end in predicting the foreseeable outcome of students at colleges and universities. Though, this may to some extent be true, a growing number […]

Revenue Sharing Online Education

Does Revenue Sharing Have a Future in Online Education?

In today’s competitive higher education market more schools are turning to online education to provide alternate revenue and growth.  According to a recent poll from the National Center for Education Statistics, 25% of college and university students are taking some form of distance education courses.  Colleges and universities often partner with third party entities, known […]

Big Data and Student Performance

A growing number of colleges and universities are using big data to identify student performance and whether a student is in danger of failing. Known as predictive analytics, colleges are analyzing thousands upon thousands of student’s academic and personal records in an effort to save the average college student from dropping out. With less than […]

The Small College Struggle

  In the wake of the recession, a growing number of small liberal arts colleges are facing major financial challenges.  These small schools share specific traits: high tuition, minimal endowments, and locations in rural or suburban areas.  Today’s students continue to shy away from expensive, liberal arts schools that leave them in debt and are […]

Illinois’ Public Universities Face A Difficult Year Ahead

State budget and enrollment issues are plaguing public universities across Illinois. February will be the twentieth straight month state officials have not agreed on a budget, and the standoff between lawmakers means that Illinois’ 48 community colleges and 12 public universities are not receiving the usual funding needed to run its institutions. Enrollment is also […]