Integrate IPEDS Data

Pinpoint Communications by Integrating IPEDS Data with the Higher Education Directory

As higher education continues to value the importance of using technology to optimize leadership, student completion, and other key resources—the benefit of translating raw data into usable information has increased substantially. You may be familiar with the IPEDS survey, but are you aware of just how much information IPEDS collects and makes publicly available?

Every year, the United States Department of Education collects an overwhelmingly extensive amount of information on colleges and universities taking part in federal student financial aid programs. Some of the main datapoints include:

  • Graduation Rates
  • Tuition/Financial Aid
  • Admissions and Test Scores
  • Enrollment Part-time/Full-time, Online/On-campus, Graduate/Undergraduate
  • Full-time staff vs Part-time staff, Number of Faculty

The IPEDS survey is a valuable, open-access resource and a great help in research and prospect targeting. Though incredibly useful, the raw IPEDS data can also tedious to deal with—Higher Education Publications, Inc. can help.

Years of experience in dealing with IPEDS and a background in this particular dataset allows us to create useable information for any organization to work with including:

  • Federal and state government agencies for a myriad of purposes including: policy analysis, institutional accountability, workforce demand/supply analysis, and state budget forecasting.
  • Colleges and Universities for use in institutional research, finance and budget offices, and academic departments for analyzing enrollment trends, faculty and staff planning, as well as benchmarking and program planning.
  • Private businesses and non-profits for use in target marketing and trend analysis, economic growth, university growth analysis, and higher education accountability.

With such an abundance of IPEDS higher education information on record, fusing the right data is challenging. Our ability to integrate IPEDS data with the Higher Education Directory database allows institutions, organizations, and businesses the ability target more effectively and increase overall growth.

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