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Harvard Dean Named Next UVA President

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, the dean of the Harvard…

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Bluffton University President Dr. James M. Harder Announces Retirement


Bluffton University's president Dr. James M. Harder will retire on June 30, 2018. Harder has been president of Bluffton for 12 years. He has worked in Mennonite higher education for the past 32 years, including 17 years at Bluffton. The university plans to appoint a search committee for a new president in the coming weeks.

Morehouse College BOT Names Mr. Harold L. Martin, Jr. New Interim President


Mr. Harold Martin Jr. is the new interim president of Morehouse College as of June 26, 2017. He takes over the duties of former interim president William J. (Bill) Taggart, who passed away earlier in June. Mr. Martin was formerly Secretary of the Morehouse Board of Trustees and has stepped down from the Board to assume his role as interim president.

Bergen Community College Terminates President B. Kaye Walter


Dr. B. Kaye Walter was fired from her job as president of Bergen Community College on June 27th. The college board gave no reason for ending Walter's contract. Dr. Michael Redmond, professor of religion and philosophy has been named interim president.

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