Our mission is to support the higher education community by gathering, verifying, and presenting meaningful industry information to our clients.

We employ the latest technologies to ensure that our data on recognized, accredited postsecondary institutions is authoritative, timely and accurate. Our information solutions and services are delivered at reasonable cost and with a premier level of customer service.

Our History

On September 26, 1982, Frederick “Fritz” Hafner formed Higher Education Publications, Inc. to continue producing a directory to succeed the Department of Education’s Education Directory: Colleges and Universities in the new form of the Higher Education Directory®. When he undertook this project, he worked toward three main goals. To publish accurate college data, make the directory more usable, and have the directory ready for distribution much earlier in the academic year. Forty-one years on, Fritz’s vision of accuracy, usability and timeliness still drive everything we do at Higher Education Publications.

We continue to meet these objectives and more, while keeping the changing landscape of reference publishing in mind. Today, we offer the directory information in three formats to meet the varied needs of our clients:  PrintDigital, and Licensed Directory Data Extracts.