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2019 Higher Education Data Set Released

Higher Education Publications, Inc. announces the launch of its completed 2019 higher education data set. This year’s update will mark 36 years that HEP Inc. has been the leader collecting, verifying and presenting the highest quality higher education information in the form of online and print directories.

Why use Higher Education Publications, Inc. ?

We go straight to the source! With nearly a 100% response rate from accredited U.S. colleges and universities, the new 2019 higher education data is:

  • Directly reported from institutions themselves with no web scraping or 3rd party involvement/generation.
  • Updated constantly and consistently by contacts who we’ve established a consistent rapport with at said institutions over the past 36 years.
  • Checked rigorously by our editors to ensure quality and accuracy.

We concentrate on higher education only, making our data accurate, clean and more effective while maximizing value. Uses for our higher education data include:

  • Academic and institutional research projects
  • Accreditation verification for schools and businesses
  • Academic program and conference promotion.
  • Marketing

We keep up with the higher education industry’s administrator volatility – see article. Changes in just one year include:

  • 39.8% or over 36,645 total changes in higher education administrators from last year.
  • Adding 6,106 new administrator’s and removing 7,145 administrators contact info.
  • 21,813 total accreditations tracked with 872 removed and 827 added.

Our data is fully customizable allowing you to execute campaigns based on the ability to designate enrollment size, state, private vs. public etc. Check out all the changes to the higher education administrator database today with a free two week trial of HigherEd Direct, our online administrator search directory.

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