No, the Higher Education Directory lists accredited, degree-granting postsecondary educational institutions in the United States and its territories. The Directory of Canadian Universities is available through the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, 600-350 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1R 1B1, (613) 563-3961, extension 205,

Palgrave McMillan publishes The International Handbook of Universities on behalf of the International Association of Universities. Click here to link to the IAU website.

We generally stock past editions of the Higher Education Directory for five years. Older editions may be available in very limited quantities. Please call us at (888) 349-7715 with your request or email us at

No, there is no charge to be listed in the Higher Education Directory.

Eligibility for listing in the Higher Education Directory is determined by three primary factors: 1) the institution must be accredited by a regional, national, professional, or specialized accrediting organization that is recognized and approved by the United States Department of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation; 2) the institution must be degree-granting, and; 3) the institutions should be a stand-alone campus, autonomous member of a system of institutions or a system office. Generally, branch campuses and learning locations that do not have autonomous academic, management, and budgetary control are not included.

Throughout the year our editors review the rosters of the approved accrediting bodies to determine changes in accreditation and degree status that affect an institution’s eligibility to be listed in the Higher Education Directory. If you feel that your institution should be included, please call us at (888) 349-7715 or email us at

HigherEd Direct is an online version of the Higher Education Directory. As such, HigherEd Direct users can search and retrieve information on the institutions listed, but only within the HigherEd Direct application and they cannot export this information as a separate database.

Licensed Data Extracts are customized databases extracted from the Higher Education Directory dataset based on client specifications. These data extracts are delivered as Access, Excel, or CSV databases that can be uploaded and manipulated by the customer.

The application that is right for you depends on how you want to use the data. Call us at (888) 349-7715 or email us at and our specialist will be happy to find a solution that fits your needs.