Our Manpower Codes (MPC) are numeric designations of the administrative functions and responsibilities of college and university personnel. This table contains descriptions of administrative positions by MPC.

Codes and Descriptions of Administrative Officers
MPCTitleFunction and responsibilities
01Chief Executive Officer (President/Chancellor)Directs all affairs and operations of a higher education institution.
02Chief Executive Officer Within a System (President/Chancellor)Directs all affairs and operations of a campus or an institution which is part of a university-wide system.
03Executive Vice PresidentResponsible for all or most functions and operations of an institution under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer.
100Chief of StaffSenior non-secretarial staff assistant to the President/Chancellor. Manages administration and operations of The Office of the President.
00Chairman of the Board.Directs the operations of the institution’s Board of Directors.
101Secretary of the Institution/Board of GovernorsResponsible for liaison between the Board and the institution. Maintains governance and official Board records.
125President Chancellor EmeritusA past chief executive currently holding an advisory or honorary position at the institution.
17Chief of Health Care ProfessionsSenior administrator of academic health care programs, hospitals, clinic or affiliated healthcare programs.
12Director of Branch CampusOfficial who is in charge of a branch campus.
04Administrative Assistant to the PresidentSenior administrative assistant to the Chief Executive Officer.
41Athletic DirectorManages intramural and intercollegiate athletic programs including employment, scheduling, promotion, maintenance and related functions.
Academic Affairs
05Chief Academic Officer (Provost)Directs the academic program of the institution. Typically includes academic planning, teaching, research, extensions and coordination of interdepartmental affairs. May include Provost.
20Associate Academic OfficerResponsible for many of the functions and operations under the direction of the Chief Academic Officer.
08Chief Library OfficerDirects the activities of all institutional libraries.
47Dean or Director of Agriculture
76Dean or Director of Allied Health Sciences
48Dean or Director of Architecture/Interior Design
49Dean or Director of Art and Sciences
50Dean or Director of Business
77Dean or Director of Computer and Information Science
51Dean or Director of Continuing Education
78Dean or Director of Cooperative Education
52Dean or Director of Dentistry
53Dean or Director of Education
54Dean or Director of Engineering
55Dean or Director of Evening/Adult Programs
56Dean or Director of Extension
57 Dean or Director of Fine Arts
97Dean or Director of General Studies
80Dean or Director of Government/Public Affairs
58Dean or Director of Graduate Programs
59Dean or Director of Family and Consumer Sciences
92Dean or Director of Honors Program
79Dean or Director of Humanities
60Dean or Director of Journalism/Communications
62Dean or Director of Library Sciences
63Dean or Director of Medicine
64Dean or Director of Music
65Dean or Director of Natural Resources
66Dean or Director of Nursing
75Dean or Director of Occupational Education
106Dean or Director of Online Education/E-learning
67Dean or Director of Pharmacy
82Dean or Director of Political Science/International Affairs
107Dean or Director of Professional Porgrams
69Dean or Director of Public Health
83Dean or Director of Social and Behavioral Sciences
70Dean or Director of Social Work
87Dean or Director of Summer Session/School
72Dean or Director of Technology
73Dean or Director of Theology
74Dean or Director of Veterinary Medicine
94Dean or Director of Women’s Studies
External Affairs
111Director of Institutional AdvancementResponsible for the comprehensive plan to ensure ongoing growth in public awareness of an institution and its strategic goals.
30Director of DevelopmentOrganizes and directs programs connected with the fundraising activities of the institution.
110Associate Development OfficerAssists and supports the Chief Development Officer
29Director Alumni AffairsCoordinates alumni activities between the institution and the alumni.
44Director Annual GivingOperates the annual giving from all supporters of the institutions.
112Director Planned Giving/Major GiftsIdentifies, cultivates and solicits planned and major gifts for ongoing financial support.
102Director Foundation/Corporate RelationsDirects institution’s efforts in the area of soliciting grants and gifts from foundations and corporations.
26Chief Public Relations/Marketing/Communications OfficerDirects public relations program. May include marketing, alumni relations, publication and development.
27Associate Public Relations/Marketing/Communications OfficerAssists and reports to the Chief Public Relations/Marketing/Communications Officer.
31Chief Community Relations OfficerDirects the educational (usually non-credit), cultural and recreational services to the community.
103Director Workforce DevelopmentDirects the institution’s efforts in course development and instruction for students and the community in skills necessary to gain employment.
Fiscal Affairs
10Chief Financial/Business OfficerDirects business and financial affairs including accounting, purchasing, investments, auxiliary enterprises and related business.
21Associate Financial/Business OfficerAssists and reports to the Chief Business Officer. May include Controller.
45Chief Institutional Planning OfficerDirects the long-range planning and the allocation of the institution’s resources.
115Chief Investment OfficerResponsible for the oversight of the endowment and other financial assets of the college.
25Chief Contract and Grants AdministratorConducts administrative activities in connection with contracts and grants.
109Chief Auxillary Services OfficerResponsible for management and operations of college support services including food service, bookstore, vending, student union, and printing.
114Chief Budget AdministratorResponsible for preparation and management of institutional budgets.
113BursarResponsible for the overall operations of student financial services including billing, receivables and cashiering functions.
96Director of PurchasingCoordinates purchasing of goods and services.
40Director BookstoreResponsible for the operation of the bookstore including purchasing, advertising, sales, employment, inventory and related functions.
Institutional Affairs
11Chief of Operations/AdministrationResponsible for administrative functions that are generally non-academic and non-financial.
117Chief Risk Management OfficerResponsible for the oversight of the college’s risk management programs including emergency and crisis response management, operational risk, technology and cyber risks, insurance and facility vulnerability, and threat assessment.
15Chief Human Resources OfficerAdministers the institution’s personnel policies and programs for faculty and/or staff.
16Associate Human Resources OfficerAssists and reports to the Chief Human Resources Officer.
118Director Employee BenefitsManages the college’s compensation and benefit programs, policies and procedures.
09Director of Institutional ResearchConducts research and studies on the institution including design of studies, data collection, analysis and reporting.
46Chief Research OfficerInitiates and directs research in using the facilities and personnel in new areas of academic and scientific exploration.
108Director Institutional AssessmentFacilitates and directs institution- wide assessment activities for academic programs and non-academic departments.
22Director Affirmative Action/Equal OpportunityResponsible for the institution’s program relating to affirmative action and equal opportunity.
28Director of DiversityResponsible for the institution’s diversity programs.
43Director Legal Services (General Counsel)Salaried staff person responsible for advising on legal rights, obligations and related matters.
19Director Security/SafetyManages campus police. Responsible for security programs, training, traffic and parking regulations.
18Chief Facilities/Physical Plant OfficerResponsible for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of buildings and grounds.
86Director Government RelationsCoordinates institution’s relations with local, state, and federal government.
Information Technology (IT)
13Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO)Responsible for oversight of IT infrastructure and support; computation, communication infrastructure and services; and administrative information systems across the institution.
14Associate Information Technology OfficerAssists and reports to the Chief Information Officer.
24Director Educational MediaResponsible for audio-visual services and multimedia learning devices.
90Director Academic ComputingResponsible for operation and coordination of the institution’s various academic computer facilities and labs.
91Director Administrative ComputingResponsible for operation of the institution’s administrative computing facility.
105Director Web ServicesDirects the development, operations and content of the institution’s web sites.
119Director of IT SecurityResponsible for technology security in order to protect information and prevent unauthorized access.
120Director of Online/E-learning PlatformCoordinates all aspects of institution’s online learning platforms.

Student Affairs
32Chief Student Affairs/Student Life OfficerResponsible for the direction of student life programs including counseling and testing, housing, placement, student union, relationships with student organizations and related functions.
35Associate Student Affairs/Student Life OfficerAssists Chief Student Life Officer in the non-academic student life activities.
84Director Enrollment ManagementPlans, develops, and implements strategies to sustain enrollment. Supervises administration of all admissions and financial aid operations.
07Director of AdmissionsResponsible for the recruitment, selection and admission of students.
123Director of Graduate AdmissionsResponsible for the recruitment, selection and admission of graduate students.
06RegistrarResponsible for student registration, scheduling of classes, examinations and classroom facilities, student records and related matters.
37Director Student Financial AidDirects the administration of all forms of student aid.
39Director Resident Life/Student HousingManages student housing operations.
36Director Student PlacementDirects the operation of the student placement office to provide career counseling and job placement services to undergraduates, graduates and alumni.
38Director of Student CounselingDirects non-academic counseling and testing for students including referral to outside agencies.
121Director of Student Success/Academic AdvisingAssists students in the development and ongoing achievement of their educational goals through academic support and planning.
124Director of Student RetentionDevelops and evaluates programs and initiatives to improve student retention, engagement and transition.
89Director of First Year ExperienceWorks with academic and students affairs to facilitate freshman engagement, learning, transition and integration into the college community.
93Director of Minority Education/StudentsDevelops and supports the overall success of students, particularly those from underrepresented minority groups.
23Director Health ServicesDirects the operation of clinics, medical staff and other programs which provide institutional health services.
42Chaplain/Director Campus MinistryPlans, directs the pastoral ministry and religious activities.
85Director Foreign StudentsDirects student life activities solely concerned with foreign students.
104Director Study AbroadCoordinates and advises students and faculty on academic studies conducted internationally.
33Dean of MenDirects student life activities solely concerned with male students.
34 Dean of WomenDirects student life activities solely concerned with female students.
122Director of Greek LifeResponsible for all aspects of fraternity and sorority life on campus.