Customized Directory Data Extracts are our most popular option and allow you to target the exact college administrators necessary. Start by selecting the administrators you’d like contacted by using our college administrator codes. After, you can apply filters to refine your extract to select only the types of institutions necessary.

Customized Extracts

HigherEd Direct data is priced on a per 1,000 record basis. Cost depends on the type and amount of data selected. Below is more information to get you started and/or please give us a call at 888-349-7715 for information.

We store 12 data points that can be used as filter, such as enrollment, affiliation, Carnegie code, and institution type. And, we have access to hundreds of others by linking to IPEDS data sources.

To help you create the extract that best fits your project, think about these three questions:

  • Who do you want to reach at the institutions? (refer to the list of college administrator codes for more help)
  • How do you want to reach these administrators? (via mail, phone, email or some combination)
  • What types of institutions do you want to reach? (2-year vs. 4-year, public vs. private, enrollment, etc.)
  • To learn more about extract customization, please call us at 888-349-7715.

What’s included and what it costs

Mailing Extract
(Version 1)
Email Extract
(Version 5)
$430/1000 records$400/1000 records
Admin NameIncludedIncluded
Admin TitleIncludedIncluded
School NameIncludedIncluded
Street AddressIncluded
Main Phone/FaxIncluded
Emailadd for $165/1000 recordsIncluded
Direct Phoneadd for $39/1000 recordsadd for $39/1000 records
Other data pointsadd for $39/1000 recordsadd for $39/1000 records

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