Our Manpower Codes (MPC) are numeric designations of the administrative functions and responsibilities of colleges and university personnel. This table contains counts for administrators by MPC.

Codes, Quantities and Descriptions of Administrative Officers as of March 11, 2019
CodeJob DescriptionQuantityQuantity with Email
00Chairman of the Board149119
01Chief Executive Office (President/Chancellor)3,3622,880
02Chief Executive Office within a system(President/Chancellor)1,065879
03Executive Vice President352318
04Administrative Assistant to the President1,9931,961
05Chief Academic Officer (Provost)3,7503,397
07Director of Admissions2,4822,334
08Chief Library Officer2,5882,509
09Director of Institutional Research2,0271,989
10Chief Financial/Business Officer3,1212,930
11Chief of Operations/Administration1,014932
12Director of Branch Campus1,023907
13Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO)2,5032,430
14Associate Information Technology Officer250247
15Chief Human Resources Officer (Administers Human Resource Policies)2,5422,479
16Associate Human Resources Officer142140
17Chief, Health Care Professions 127120
18Chief Facilities/Physical Plant Officer2,3402,291
19Director, Security/Safety1,8001,767
20Associate Academic Officer2,0581,938
21Associate Financial/Business Officer1,4621,441
22Director, Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity530521
23Director, Health Services 570561
24Director, Educational Media159157
25Chief Contract and Grants Administrator541535
26Chief Public Relations/Marketing/Communications Officer2,4062,332
27Associate Public Relations/Marketing/Communications Officer433424
28Director of Diversity857830
29Director, Alumni Relations1,3981,370
30Chief Development/Advancement Officer (fundraising)1,0831,046
31Chief Community Relations Officer207201
32Chief Student Affairs/Student Life Officer (top-level Student Affairs position)2,9732,823
33Dean of Men2822
34Dean of Women2827
35Associate Student Affairs/Student Life Officer 1,4811,465
36Director, Student Placement1,4101,367
37Director, Student Financial Aid2,9592,822
38Director, Student Counseling1,2541,232
39Director, Student Housing1,0861,068
40Director, Bookstore668657
41Athletic Director1,7851,744
42Chaplin, Director Campus Ministry578563
43Director, Legal Services (General Counsel)728696
44Director, Annual Giving407399
45Chief Institutional Planning Officer417408
46Chief Research Officer418406
47Dean or Director, Agriculture122117
48Dean or Director, Architecture/Design9286
49Dean or Director, Art and Science936912
50Dean or Director, Business1,1971,163
51Dean or Director, Continuing Education466458
52Dean or Director, Dentistry8181
53Dean or Director, Education819798
54Dean or Director, Engineering391383
55Dean or Director, Evening/Adult Programs4644
56Dean or Director, Extension114111
57Dean or Director, Fine Arts301285
58Dean or Director, Graduate Programs622604
59Dean or Director, Family and Consumer Sciences1717
60Dean or Director, Journalism/Communications127126
61Dean or Director, Law199193
62Dean or Director, Library Services5353
63Dean or Director, Medicine209203
64Dean or Director, Music106102
65Dean or Director, Natural Resources7976
66Dean or Director, Nursing625609
67Dean or Director, Pharmacy123128
68Dean or Director, Physical Education5251
69Dean or Director, Public Health7775
70Dean or Director, Social Work9189
72Dean or Director, Technology213211
73Dean or Director, Theology170158
74Dean or Director, Veterinary Medicine3737
75Dean or Director, Occupational Education145144
76Dean or Director, Allied Health Sciences624610
77Dean or Director, Computer and Information Science5755
78Dean or Director, Cooperative Education1919
79Dean or Director, Humanities374365
80Dean or Director, Government/Public Affairs5857
81Dean or Director, Mathematics/Sciences587575
82Dean or Director, Political Science/International Affairs5353
83Dean or Director, Social and Behavioral Sciences334328
84Director, Enrollment Management1,6921,635
85Director, Foreign Students396384
86Director, Government Relations435431
87Dean or Director, Summer School/Session2323
88Other (code used for positions that do not fit any of the descriptions above)4,4304,334
89Director of First Year Experience8885
90Director, Academic Computing223222
91Director, Administrative Computing185182
92Dean or Director, Honors Program374371
93Dean or Director, Minority Students6766
94Dean or Director, Women’s Studies7271
96Director of Purchasing1,0541,041
97Dean or Director, General Studies138137
100Chief of Staff651630
101Secretary of the Institution/Board 391375
102Director, Foundation/Corporate Relations666655
103Director, Workforce Development527518
104Director, Study Abroad554547
105Director, Web Services336335
106Dean or Director, Online Education/E-learning663650
107Dean or Director, Professional Programs144140
108Director, Institutional Assessment626609
109Chief Auxiliary Services Officer243242
110Associate Development Officer201199
111Director of Institutional Advancement1,3811,325
112Director Planned Giving/Major Gifts159156
114Chief Budget Administrator253251
115Chief Investment Officer5351
116Audit Officer111108
117Chief Risk Management Officer6866
118Director Employee Benefits2727
119Director of IT Security4646
120Director of Online/E-learning Platform3131
121Director of Student Success/Academic Advising588576
122Director of Greek Life109
123Director of Graduate Admissions8686
124Director of Student Retention122
125President/Chancellor Emeritus1611